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Shopping in Tamil Nadu


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Shopping in Tamil Nadu

First off, a trip to the southern state of Tamil Nadu will not be complete without exploring the various shopping options the state has to offer! Tamil Nadu is nothing short of a promised land for all kinds of shoppers as the state boasts a plethora of supermarkets, shopping malls, bazaars, departmental stores, emporiums, boutiques and so on.

Owing to its rich history and being one of the significant cultural junctions of India, Tamil Nadu has something to offer to all classes of visitors. If you are planning for a trip to this southern heaven, be sure to spend quality time in experiencing Tamil Nadu's shopping picks to its fullest and make sure to pack your bags with loads of souvenirs and cherish your trip forever!

The cradle of Dravidian civilization, Tamil Nadu is a rich depot of hand-loomed sarees of assorted fabrics and designs. Several towns and cities in the state have their own distinctive type of sarees, which ranges from cotton sarees to traditional silk sarees. Furthermore, Tamil Nadu is the home of a lot of government owned silk saree emporiums, hand-loom weaver's societies and popular textile retailers located across the length and breadth of the state. In addition to sarees, the southern state is renowned for various other handicrafts. Some of the most popular handicrafts of Tamil Nadu include delicate and intricate ornamentation carried out on precious metals like gold, silver and bronze.

Shopping in Tamil Nadu

The Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu, Thanjavur also known as Tanjore is celebrated for its world-famous Tanjore paintings, traditional dolls and bronze statues and idols of animals, human, religious figures and other exquisite representations. Mahabalipuram also known as Mamallapuram in Kancheepuram district is one of the finest destinations for art lovers as the region is the stone carvings junction of Tamil Nadu that houses innumerable retail merchants who specialize in authentic Dravidian sculptures. Yercaud hills, popularly called as the 'Jewel of the South' is notable for authentic aromatic oils, natural essential oils, fragrances, home-made skincare products and so on.

Apart from the specialties of Tamil Nadu in terms of shopping, the state is the proud home of the metropolitan city Chennai, which is regarded as one of the most sought after shopping destination of South India. Chennai offers anything to everything as far as the shopping is concerned. Be it a decorative seashell collectible from Kanyakumari or authentic Kashmiri woolen shawl, you name it and Chennai will positively respond!

Let's get to know more about the shopping options of Tamil Nadu.

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Kanjeevaram Sari

Sarees are an integral part of the Tamil culture and it plays a significant role during the festivities and ceremonies in Tamil Nadu. Among the varieties of Tamil classical sarees, Kanjivaram Sari also called as Kanchipuram sari occupies a most illustrious spot and it is loved by the Tamil women living all over the world for its sumptuousness.

Kanchipuram Silk Saree

The City of Thousand Temples, Kanchipuram fondly called as Kanchi in Tamil Nadu has the plume of being the place of origin of Kanchipuram sarees. The Kanjivaram sarees are purely hand-loomed sarees which are regarded as the superior grade silk sarees in the world. Kanjivaram sarees have exceptional distinction for its intricate design and genuine colors.

Kanchipuram Silk Saree Designs

The beautiful design patterns of the Kanjivaram Sarees are threaded with pure gold and silver in appropriate ratio. Gold is added in the figures and themes by sinking the silk thread in liquified gold and silver. Some of the most popular figures and themes that are threaded in the Kanjivaram Sarees include peacocks, parrots, mangoes, lamps, chariots, floral patterns, leaves and so on. Many Kanjivaram Sarees also feature structure of historic Hindu temples in the state.
Gold Threads used in Kanjeevaram Saree

The Kanjivaram Sarees are primarily esteemed for its zari also known as jari, which comprises of 0.6% of gold and 57% of silver. The color patterns put-upon in the sari border and pallu (loose end of a sari) are different from the color patterns used in the body part of the sari.

The price range of the Kanjivaram Sarees starts from Rs. 2,000 to could up to Rs. 1,00,000 depending upon the grandness of the sari.

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees - Quick Facts

  • Body part and border part of the Kanchipuram Silk Sari are threaded individually and then intricately joined together
  • The durability of the Kanchipuram Silk Sari is superior that made of three silk threads twisted into one
  • From the year 2005, the Kanchipuram Silk Sarees are protected by a Geographical Indication (GI) label, attesting their origin
  • Most popular traditional and modern trends of Kanchipuram Silk Sarees include Vastrakala, Zari Jangla, Kalanjali, Chettinad, Natyanjali, Vana Shingar, Warp Jacquard and so on
  • Nearly 5,000 families living in the temple town of Kanchipuram are involved in silk saree weaving line of work
  • Today, Kanchipuram Silk Sari industry is worth $20 million

Identifying Pure Kanjivaram Silk Sarees

One of the biggest practical difficulties in buying a Kanjivaram Silk Sari is identifying its authenticity. As the southern state houses hundreds of thousands of textiles retailers who are selling high-priced Kanjivaram Silk Sarees, it is high time to get to know about some of the easy methods to identify the purity of the Kanjivaram Silk Sarees. Some of the most reliable methods to identify Pure Kanjivaram Silk Sarees include

Silk Mark

Silkmark Logo

The first and foremost and the easiest way to identify or to look for while buying a Kanjivaram Silk Sarees anywhere in the southern state of Tamil Nadu is the official silk mark that is granted by the Silk Mark Organisation of India (SMOI).

Silkmark Label Fixing

The Silk Mark Organization of India is a promising initiative of Central Silk Board (CSB), a Statutory Body functioning under Ministry of Textiles, Government of India to safeguard the interests of consumers. In simple words, silk mark is granted only to pure Kanjivaram Silk Sarees. It is always good to look for the silk mark label on the saree to be sure of its authenticity.

Some of the Most Popular Textile Retailers Authorized to Use Silkmark in Tamil Nadu:

Tamilnadu Handloom Weavers Co-Operative Society Limited [Co-Optex]
Address: 350, Pantheon Road, Egmore

Tamil Nadu Khadi & Village Industries
Kuralagam, Chennai

Sri Thaila Silks
No: 101(55), Big Bazaar, Trichy

RmKV Silks
No: 15, Nageswaran Road, Panagal Park, T. Nagar, Chennai

Kumaran Silks
No: 12, Nageswaran Road, Panagal Park, T. Nagar, Chennai

Nalli Chinnasamy Chetty
No: 9, Nageswaran Road, Panagal Park, T. Nagar, Chennai

Jeyachandran Textiles
No: 27, Ranganathan Street,T. Nagar, Chennai

New Saravana Stores
No: 129, Usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai

Sri Gowri Silks
156- A, East Marret Street, Thavittu Sanchai, Madurai

Lalitha Jewelry & Textiles (Unit of Lalitha Jewelry Mart Pvt. Ltd.)
180-182, South Masi Street, Madurai

Sri K.B.Silk & Sarees
503-B, Gandhi Road, Kancheepuram

Gandhipuram Sarvodaya Sangh
No: 348, 7th Street, Crosscut road, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore

400, Oppanakkara Street, Coimbatore

No: 7,8,.9 Car Street,Near Rajaganapathy Koil, Salem

The Super Silk HL Weaver's Co-op. Prod & Sale Society Ltd
14, 2nd Agraharam, Salem

TCS Textiles [P] Limited
S.F. No: 38/1-5, N.G. Palayam Puddur Priivu, Thekkalur, Tirupur

Kovilvazhi Cotton cum Silk Handloom Weavers Cooperative Production & Sale Society Ltd.,
7, TSK Nagar, KPN Colony (PO),Tripur - 641608

Contact Details of Silk Mark Organization of India (Central Silk Board) in Tamil Nadu

Chennai Chapter
28/22, K.K. Salai, Kaveri Rangan Nagar, Saligrammam, Chennai - 600093
Phone Number: 044-23760108
Email: chennai@silkmarkindia.com

Coimbatore Chapter
09, Govt. Sericulture Complex, Number 8/52, Balasundaram Road, Coimbatore - 641018
Phone Number: 9444287752
Email: coimbatore@silkmarkindia.com

How to Identify a Pure Silk Saree

In case, if you have already bought the Kanjivaram Silk Saree and you cannot find the silkmark, do not delay to visit the dedicated Zari testing laboratories operated by the Department of Handloom and Textiles, Government of Tamil Nadu situated at various locations of Tamil Nadu. The Zari testing laboratories screen the zari at an affordable cost of Rs. 40 to substantiate if the saree is pure or not.

Zari (Jari) Test

Zari, popularly known as Jari in the local language of Tamil is fundamentally a sort of extravagantly decorative hand-loomed materials of tinsel yarn intended for weaving and fancywork. It is important to note that the pure zari is made of red silk yarn that is twisted around with a silver yarn and then treated in 22 carat pure gold. By overstretching the zari, if the consumers see the silk yarn is not red and any other color, it is certain that the sari is not a pure Kanjivaram Silk Saree.

Burn Test

A bit complicated test to identify the purity of silk saree which cannot come handy if you are buying the saree in a commercial textile showroom as it involves fire! Yes, as the name suggests this test is primarily done by using fire. Probably, the fire test will be extremely useful if you are buying the silk saree directly from the weaver.

This test is done by plucking a couple of threads from the warping and fire up the end of the threads. When fire stops, you'll find a tiny ball of ash left. Take the ash ball in your finger and rub it to feel. You'll find the smell of burnt hair or burnt leather. If that is the case, you are going to get an original Kanjivaram Silk Saree. Instead, if you don't get to see any ash or smell of burnt hair, it can be counted that the saree has been readied; using artificial fibers and it is time to leave the retailer for good!

Find below the list of popular textile showrooms located at various parts of Tamil Nadu, selling pure Kanjivaram Silk Sarees:

RMKV Silks
No 76 & 78 & 80, North Usman Road, T Nagar, Panagal Park Near Lalitha Jewellery, Chennai - 600017
Phone Number: +(91)-44-28144445, 28144705, 28142540, 28143224, 28142520, 28142530, 28143225, 28143226

Nalli Silk Sarees
No 100, Usman Road, T Nagar, Near Duraiswamy Road Junction, Chennai - 600017
Phone Number: +(91)-44-24314900, 24314902, 24314904, 24314905, 24327212

Co Optex Thillaiyadi Valliammai Pattu Maaligai
No 350, Pantheon Road, Egmore, Near Museum, Chennai - 600008
Phone Number: +(91)-9884509769, 8939821307, 9442019610

Sri Thaila Silks
No 52 A1, Big Bazaar Street, Chinnakadai Street, Near Malaikottai Opposite Town Hall, Trichy - 620002
Phone Number: +(91)-9443140422

No 45, NSC Bose Road, Rock Fort, Trichy - 620002
Phone Number: +(91)-431-2702077

Radha Silk Emporium
No 1 Rasi House, Sannadhi Street, Mylapore, Near Kapaleeshwarar Temple, Chennai - 600004
Phone Number: +(91)-9962508288

Sri Kaveri Silks
No 35a, Sirumugai, Mahalakshmi Theatre road, Coimbatore - 641302
Phone Number: +(91)-422-6726671

No 12 Chaitanya Building, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam, Opposite Wills Life Style, Chennai - 600034
Phone Number: +(91)-9952905283, 8220041092

Sarangi The Kanjivaram Sari Store
No 17 A, Sterling Avenue, Nungambakkam, Near Loyola College, Chennai - 600034
Phone Number: +(91)-44-66072975

No 56 Singhvi Solitaire, G N Chetty Road, T Nagar, Opp To Panasonic Showroom, Chennai - 600017
Phone Number: +(91)-9841049457

Some of the other popular types of sarees available in Tamil Nadu include
  • Thanjavur Silk Saree
  • Thirubhuvanam Silk Saree
  • Arani Silk Saree
  • Salem Silk Saree
  • Chinnalapatti Sungadi Sarees
  • Kodali Karuppur Sarees

Bhavani Jamakkalam

Traditional Bhavani Jamakkalam
Bhavani, a suburban town of Erode district in Tamil Nadu is famous all over the world for its jamakkalams (carpet or blanket with threaded patterns). The specialty of the traditional Bhavani Jamakkalams is that it is purely hand-loomed unlike other usual powerloom-ed carpets.

Did you know?
Jamakkalam is called as Durry in Hindi, Jamkhana in Kannada and Jamkhanalu in Telugu

The multi-coloured Bhavani jamakkalams are a cultural symbol of Erode and has thrived for hundreds of years for its distinguishable style, durability, affordability and firmness. The traditional jamakkalams are made of superior quality cotton that are threaded in pit looms and gain their name from the Bhavani River (a major river in Kongu Nadu region, Tamil Nadu) - history has it that a group of a particular community people from Mysore, Karnataka moved to the village on the banks of the Bhavani River in the 16th century. 'Jambai' is a location situated near the river and is long-familiar for business of sewing Jamakalam.

It is considered that the quality of powerloomed jamakk¬al¬ams is substandard and they do not last more than eighteen months. But the traditional handloomed jamakkalams of Bhavani last for leastwise 15 long years! The jamakkalams made in Bhavani ranges from Rs. 250 to Rs. 5,000 depending on their measurements.

Find below some of the Bhavani jamakkalam retailers located at various parts of the state:

Sri Ramana Textiles
No,167 , Gurunathan Street,Varnapuram,
Bhavani-638301, Erode District
Phone Number: +91-4256-230858, +91 9443014614
Email: sriramanatextiles@gmail.com
Website: www.sriramanatex.com

Mahaveer Handloom Textile
No 3/9, Chokanatha Street, Erode, Erode - 638107
Phone Number: +(91)-9443378896

Rainbow Agencies
Plot No 2178, Gandhi Maa Nagar, Peelamedu, Near Indian Petrol Bunk, Coimbatore - 641004
Phone Number: +(91)-422-6726018

Co Optex Showroom
No 107, Thiyagaraya Road, T Nagar, Chennai - 600017
Phone Number: +(91)-44-28150907

Saraswathi Emporium
No 341/188, South Masi Street, Madurai HO, Madurai - 625001
Phone Number: +(91)-452-2333210, 2345851

Ameen Rexin
No 6 Kasturi Complex, Madurai Road, Clock Tower, Chan Bazaar, Trichy - 620008
+(91)-9443185085, +(91)-431-2706818, 2703223

Kushal Furnishings
No 36, Cross Cut Road, Gandhipuram Coimbatore, Inside Sri Lakshmi Complex, Coimbatore - 641012
Phone Number: +(91)-9943125203, 9443731607

Mamta Rexine Land
63-64, Variety Hall Road, Town Hall, Opp. Shobha Furniture Mart, Coimbatore - 641001
Phone Number: +(91)-422-6725326

Helen Furnishing Fabrics
No 261/3, Tiruchendur Road, Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli - 627002
Phone Number: +(91)-9842153378

Pathamadai Mats

Pathamadai Mats

A household item extensively used by every Tamil family living all over the world, Pattamadai mats (Pattamadai paai) are world famous traditional mats.

Pattamaadai mats are nothing but traditional mats made of silk and people often refer it as 'Pattu paai'. The intricately designed mats are originated in a panchayat town of Pattamadai in Tiruelveli district of Tamil Nadu. The artistic creation of threading and fusing attractive figures of Pattamadai paais are regarded singular to this area. Produced from a particular kind of grass called 'Korai' grass- the special mats are also called Korai paais. The formal technique of Pattamadai paai weaving involves laborious procedures of drying, drenching, parting and dyeing the Korai grass.

Did you know?
Pathamadai silk mats has been shipped to Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria during the British government as a present from India to showcase the quality and craftsmanships of Indian weavers

Pattamadai paais are primarily used during Tamil marriage ceremonies. The mat is a souvenir for making the function memorable and sometimes features the couple's names or images as well as the wedding ceremony date threaded on it.

The traditional mats usually feature black, green, red, yellow and other light colors. Today, with the help of the contemporary weavers, Pattamadai mats are in great demand across the national and international markets and are exported in large numbers for several western countries. Apart from the traditional mats, the regional weavers also design korai grass bags, stationery items and several other products.

Buy any green product from Pattamadai and promote the regional weavers and handicrafts!

Find below some of the popular retailers for Pattamadai mats located at various parts of Tamil Nadu:

HHEC of India Ltd., (A Government of India Company)
31 – 32, Guindy Industrial Estate, Guindy, Chennai - 32
Phone Number: +91-44-22255654
Email: hhecgm@eth.net

Poompuhar Sales Showroom
No 818 Tamilnadu Handicrafts Development Corporation Ground & 1st Floor, Anna Salai, Mount Road, Chennai - 600002
Landmark: Opposite LIC Building
Phone Number: +(91)-9843551048, +(91)-44-28520624, 28550157, 28589207
Website: www.tnpoompuhar.org

Ess Aar Ess Exports
12 / 46, B2 Gandhi Nagar, Ulagaraimedu near Kaliamman Temple, Panamarathupatti - Post Salem, Tamil Nadu - 636204

Poompuhar Sales Showroom
No 1239, Town Hall, Coimbatore, Big Bazaar Street, Coimbatore Ho, Near Clock Tower, Coimbatore - 641001
Phone Number: +(91)-422-2391055

To buy Pattamadai Mats online, click here

Tanjore Paintings

A classical South Indian painting style that originated in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu primarily feature Hindu gods and goddesses and chronicles from Indian epics like Ramayana and various themes including Krishna leela. The world renowned Tanjore paintings deliver grand concordance and rhythm in artistic combination of colors.

Tanjore Paintings

The distinctiveness of Tanjore paintings is its colorful, uncomplicated yet splendid compositions, sparkling gold works covered on fragile, but voluminous plaster work and dramatic glass beadworks and patches or precious and semi-precious gemstones. The classic artistic work is sometimes called as 'palagai padam' in the local language of Tamil as Tanjore paintings are panel paintings made on wooden boards.

Also Read: Make Your Own Tanjore Painting

The Government Museum in Chennai (Pantheon Road, Egmore) and the Thanjavur Art Gallery in the Thanjavur Royal Palace, Victoria and Albert Museum in England, Denmark's National Museum in Copenhagen and several other museums houses a collection of classical Tanjore paintings portraying assorted themes and subjects.

To know more about Tanjore Paintings, Click here

Find below some of the retailers of Tanjore paintings located at various parts of Tamil Nadu:

Raji Arts & Crafts
8,9, North chithrai street, (near Meenakshi amman temple) Senthil lodge building, Madurai - 625001, Tamilnadu
Phone Number: 9842147629, +91-452-2621561

Uvaraj Exports
Export Division of Uvarajas Tex Trade 51, Valluvar Street, Sivananda Colony,
Coimbatore - 641012, Tamil Nadu
Phone Number: 8588859864

Lakshmi Hi-tech Rubber Industry India Pvt Limited
No. 1/ 329, Periyamadam Palayam, Kamachipuram Road, Near K.T.V.R. College, Bilichi
Coimbatore - 641019

No. 48, Global Trade Center, Opposite Velan Hotel, Kangeyam Road
Tiruppur - 641604

Shyam Artworks
671, Gnanagiri Road, Sivakasi - 626123

Angel Boutique
No. 25 F, Githanjali, Sasthri Road, Thillai Nagar, Tiruchirappalli - 620018

Thanjai Exports
No. 2, Sreepati Complex, Navaneethapuram, Podukkottai Road
Thanjavur - 613007

Lunar Exports
969, North 3rd Street, Pudukkottai - 622 001

Sri Balaji
No. 8, Mano Nagar, Reddipalayam Road
Thanjavur - 613009

Karthi Art Works
No. 1/282, Raja Veethi, Southkattur
Tiruchirappalli - 620019

Kalish Exports
No 2a, Merpanaikadu Road Keeramangalam, Alangudi Tk,
Pudukkottai - 614624

Tanjore Art Works
No. 31, Thendral Nagar, 4th Cross Main Road, Natarajapuram
Thanjavur - 613007

Wood Crafts in Tamil Nadu

In the southern state of Tamil Nadu, there are a lot of places illustrious for woodcrafts. Virudhunagar mavattam is notable for the classical and traditional style wood crafts. The artisans living in this district have now commenced making household articles involving wood workings as well. Karaikudi and Devakottai in Sivaganga district are notable for traditional wooden panels that come in assorted measurements.
Wood Crafts of Tamil Nadu

The temple town of Madurai is illustrious for its rosewood tree sculptures. The rosewood carvings of Madurai are distinguished by its bold kinds, the intricate designs being fastidiously elaborated in the crafts. Various types of tables with the flat part made of beautiful floral themes or endearing parrots or boards with religious themes are some of the most prominent illustrations of woodcrafts of Tamil Nadu.

Find below some of the most popular retailers of traditional and classical woodcrafts of Tamil Nadu located at various parts of the state:

Kanakkadara Divine Services
No. 2, Old No. 14, New No. 29, Ground Floor, Rakkiappan Street, Mylapore
Chennai - 600004
Phone Number: 8586972834

Hindustan Wood Crafts
No 38, A A Road, Gnana Olivupuram, Madurai - 625010
Phone Number: +(91)-452-2602142

Grand Rapids Carvers
4th Cross, Santhi Nagar, Chinnathirupathi ,
Phone Number: 9655725349

Rightline Enterprises
1 B, First Floor, Lalitha Nagar, 1st Street, Madhanandhapuram
Chennai - 600116
Phone Number: 8377801881

Pehandi Crafts
No. 2-A, Jaidurga Complex, No. 60, 100 Feet Road, Ashok Nagar
Chennai - 600083
Phone Number: 8045319456

GPS Aravanan Export
No. 1/46/127, Chinnayareddy Street, TMP Nagar, PN Patty, Mettur Dam,
Salem - 636001
Phone Number: 8041949864

Aakruti Arts
Telephone Bhavan, Erode
Pincode: 638011

Wood Carving Crafts
318, D.B. Road, R.S. Puram
Pincode: 641002. Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Victory Exim
69, West Avani Moola Street
Madurai - 625 001

Metal Wares in Tamil Nadu

Nachiar kovil, a modest village situated in the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu is illustrious for light-brown loose material consisting of grains of rock known as vandal mann along the sloping lands of the River Kaveri that is ideally suitable for creating casts for Nachiarkoil Kuthuvilakku (lamps). A peculiar vessel (usually cylindrical) with a wide mouth resembling the shape of a cashew nut has become a sort of trademark of Nachiar kovil. Kumbakonam in Thanjavur district is also famous for its metal ware line of work.
Metal Wares in Tamil Nadu

As the southern state witnesses the scarceness of copper - a ductile malleable reddish brown corrosion-resistant diamagnetic metal, the metal ware workers of Tamil Nadu have now started using brass - alloy of copper and zinc. Some of the popular metal wares of Tamil Nadu include decorated cuspidors, candle stands, food containers, lamps, outing carriers, tumblers and so on.

Find below some of the most popular retailers of Metal wares located at various parts of Tamil Nadu:

The Tamilnadu Handicrafts Developement Corpn. Ltd. (Poompuhar)
# 759, Anna Salai, Chennai - 600002
Phone Number: 044-28521271, 28521798, 28521325
Fax: 044 28524135
E-mail: thdc@md5.vsnl.net.in, tamilnaduhandicrafts@yahoo.co.in

R. Sunderesa Iyer and Sons
# 99, T S R big Street, Kumbakonam - 612001

S. K. S. Handicrafts - Chennai
No. 200a, 3rd Street, Muniappa Nagar, Virugambakkam, Chennai - 600092

Sri Swaminathan & Co.
61, Bakthaburi Street, Kumbakonam - 612001

Meena Handicrafts Emporium - Madurai
43, 2nd Floor, Dhanappa Mudali Street, Madurai - 625001

Mimi Export
No. 1/83, Agraharam, Serukalathur Post, Kodavasal Taluk, Thiruvarur - 612604

Navamani Arts & Crafts
No. 2, Kanagasabai Nagar, Muthu Mansion, Medical College Post, Thanjavur - 613004

Shree Mahaveer Handicrafts
New No. 465 226, Mint Street, Chennai - 600003

Step In
# 6, Thangam Complex, Theni Main Road, Nagamalai Pudukottai

KTM Universal Exports
No:12, Koddampatti, Perundurai, Rs Post, Erode - 638052

Green International
5th Street, VNR Layout, Vadavalli, Coimbatore - 642205

Role of the Government of Tamil Nadu

The role of the Department of Handlooms, Handicrafts, Textiles and Khadi of State of Tamil Nadu in promoting arts and crafts in the southern state of Tamil Nadu is commendable. The official department that comes under the administrative ambit of Government of Tamil Nadu took several initiatives for the welfare of the artisans in the state and operates a lot of dedicated facilities for arts and crafts. Some of the manufacturing units operated by the Tamil Nadu Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited include
  • Lamp Units: Vagaikulam (Tirunelveli), Madurai and Nachiarkoil (Thanjavur)
  • Bronze Unit: Swamimalai near Kumbakonam (Thanjavur)
  • Art Plate Unit: Thanjavur
  • Wood Carving Unit: Kallakurichi (Viluppuram)
  • Stone Carving Unit: Mahabalipuram (Kancheepuram)
Various arts and crafts undertakings and bodies functioning under the Department of Handlooms, Handicrafts, Textiles and Khadi of State of Tamil Nadu include
  • The Tamil Nadu Handloom Weavers’ Co-operative Society Limited (Co-optex)
  • Tamil Nadu Co-operative Textile Processing Mills Limited (TCTP), Erode
  • Tamilnadu Co-operative Spinning Mills Federation Limited (TANSPIN)
  • Tamil Nadu Zari Limited, Kancheepuram
  • Tamil Nadu Handloom Development Corporation Limited (THDC)
  • Tamil Nadu Textile Corporation Limited, Coimbatore
  • Tamil Nadu Co-operative Silk Producers Federation Limited (TANSILK), Kancheepuram
  • The Tamil Nadu Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited (Poompuhar)
  • Tamil Nadu Khadi & Village Industries Board
  • Tamil Nadu Palm Products Development Board
  • Tamil Nadu State Palmgur and Fibre Marketing Cooperative Federation

Arts and Crafts of Tamil Nadu

Find below the complete guide of various arts and crafts and locations in which they are extensively practiced:

Swamimalai near Kumbakonam - Thanjavur District, Thiruvarur - Thiruvarur District

Sandalwood Carvings
Kallakurichi - Villupuram District

Brass Lamps
Nachiarkoil - Thanjavur District, Madurai, Tirunelveli, Sivagangai

Thanjavur Painting
Tanjore, Tiruchirappalli, Chennai

Thanjavur Art Plate

Wood Carvings
Kallakurichi - Villupuram District, Arumbavur - Perambalur District, Thammampatty - Salem, District, Chinnasalem - Salem District

Ambasamudram - Tirunelveli District

Stone Carvings
Mamallapuram – Kancheepuram Disrict, Namakkal District, Coimbatore District

Imitation Jewellery
Trichy, Virudhunagar, Coimbatore

Terracotta Products
Pudukottai, Villupuram, Chennai, Sivagangai, Cuddalore

Papier Mache & Clay Toys
Cuddalore, Nagapattinam, Thanjavur, Chennai, Kancheepuram

Mat Weaving
Gudiyatham - Vellore District, Pattamadai - Tirunelveli District, Pudukottai, Nagapattinam

Cane & Bamboo Products
Wallajapet - Vellore District, Nagapattinam, Cuddalore, Pudukottai

Palm Leaf Crafts
Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri, Thoothukkudi, Pudukkottai, Kancheepuram, Nagapattinam, Kanyakumari

Silver Jewellery
Salem, Kanyakumari

Sea Shell
Nagapattinam, Cuddalore, Tuticorin, Mahabaliuram - Kancheepuram District, Thiruvallur, Ramnad

Woollen Drugget
Wallajapet - Vellore District, Salem, Kancheepuram

Cora Cotton

Vellore, Usilampatti - Madurai District, Panruti - South Arcot District, Karukurichi - Tirunelveli District

Toda Embroidery

Popular Shopping Malls in Tamil Nadu

Shopping Malls in Tamil Nadu

Just like the other states, Tamil Nadu houses several behemoth shopping malls, especially in metropolitan cities like Chennai, Coimbatore and so on. Some of the most popular names in the list of shopping malls in Tamil Nadu include

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